BlueStain Global aims to set new standards for Health and Innovation

Prof. Paula Melo and Prof. Fernando Ferreira from CESPU Diagnóstico

BlueStain Global, a recently established global partnership between Portuguese CESPU Diagnostico and British IKAR Arabia Investment Group is speeding up to become a trailblazer in healthcare technology, as it aims to spearhead groundbreaking initiatives which will lead to revolutionizing healthcare solutions with a global effect.

Prof. Fernando Ferreira, and Prof. Paula Melo, both distinguished scientists and partners and board members of BlueStain Global stated: “ Through our relentless commitment to improving health outcomes and fostering innovation, we have already achieved several significant milestones, which we leverage now through our mutual partnership with IKAR. We recently partnered with Portuguese health authorities to conduct a comprehensive health screening campaign in Penafiel, Portugal. The campaign, which aimed to provide oral health screenings for 1000 individuals, underscores BlueStain Global’s dedication to promoting preventive healthcare measures and ensuring access to essential health services in local communities. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and expert medical guidance, BlueStain Global remains at the forefront of proactive healthcare solutions.

In recognition of our exemplary contributions to healthcare innovation, we were honored with a prestigious award from Acredita Portugal (under the High Patronage of the President of the Republic) . This esteemed accolade acknowledged our groundbreaking project in oral cancer diagnostics, highlighting our unwavering dedication to advancing healthcare technologies and improving patient outcomes. The award will reflect BlueStain Global’s future commitment to excellence and its transformative impact on the healthcare landscape”.

“We took also center stage at the prestigious Dubai Expo, captivating audiences with its innovative healthcare solutions and cutting-edge technologies. Amidst a global audience of industry leaders and innovators, we showcased our revolutionary advancements in healthcare technology, underscoring its pivotal role in driving transformative change within the healthcare sector. The participation in the Expo exemplifies our commitment to global collaboration and our vision of shaping the future of healthcare on a global scale”, said Prof, Manuel Freire-Garabal, Chairman of the executive Board at BlueStain Global, London.

About BlueStain Global:
BlueStain Global is a London-based company, focused on providing innovative healthcare solutions, dedicated to advancing the field of healthcare through cutting-edge technology and transformative initiatives. With a focus on preventive care, diagnostic accuracy, and patient-centric innovation, BlueStain Global strives to make a meaningful impact on global health outcomes.

The company is owned by Portuguese CESPU Group, a leading health-, and education group, and IKAR Arabia Investment Group, which is part of IKAR Holdings, a multi-tiered entrepreneurial group of companies, based in London.