Professor Fernando Ferreira Elected at OMD Inauguration in Lisbon

Professor Fernando Ferreira, CEO of CESPU Diagnóstico and board member of BlueStain Global, was recently elected during the inauguration of the Social Bodies of the Ordem dos Médicos Dentistas (OMD) in Lisbon. The OMD, the professional body representing dentists in Portugal, plays a critical role in the regulation and support of dental practice in the country, ensuring that standards are maintained and the interests of both practitioners and patients are safeguarded. 

The OMD oversees various functions such as the accreditation of dentists, setting ethical guidelines, and organizing professional development opportunities. It also represents the interests of dentists in discussions with government bodies and other stakeholders, striving to improve oral health policies and public awareness campaigns. 

Professor Ferreira’s election is seen as a significant event, reflecting his esteemed position within the dental community. His leadership is anticipated to drive further advancements in the profession, focusing on education, innovation, and enhanced public dental health services. 

The inauguration ceremony, which took place at a significant OMD event in Lisbon, highlighted the ongoing commitment of the OMD to support its members through initiatives like continuous professional development courses, public health campaigns, and advocacy for better healthcare policies. The event also served as a platform to discuss the future direction of the OMD under Professor Ferreira’s leadership, emphasizing a collaborative approach to address current and emerging challenges in dental health care Registration with Ordem dos Médicos Dentistas (OMD).